Başaranlar Makina



As the last generations coming from the master-apprentice tradition and benefiting from this tradition, the experience and knowledge acquired from different masters for twenty years have met with the brand of Başaranlar Makina and served to the Milling sector. Başaranlar Makina, which adopts the principle of Ahi-Order which has good values such as quality workmanship, fulfillment of promises, fair approach to its employees and most importantly being beneficial to he motherland, continues its production with developing production park and 50 employees in 2000 m2 closed area.

Başaranlar Makina KurumsalPrimarily bearing equipment for the flour plant, silo manufacturing in different sizes, connection pipes, chrome equipments are the main elements of our production.

Up to now, our works have been completed successfully at 18 poitns in 12 countries on the World and 14 points in 9 cities in Turkey.

Başaranlar Makina, which is one of the leading companies in the sector with its quality workmanship and product variety, owes to serve its customers after-production.

In this sense, it is sharing with all its commercial stakeholders that it always supports the manufactured equipment with spare parts and technical service network in the after-sales service and product guarantee processes. Our company with ISO - CE – TSE certificates continuously work to improve quality standars.


  • By integrating the power and belief we take from our ancestry with today’s technology, to hand down a stronger country to future generations.
  • By knowing the value of our employees’ great effort, to provide a reliable, fait working environment, ensuring that employees can return to their families after work with a peace of mind.
  • To establish business law built on solid foundations with our customers, to deserve the litle of wanted commercial stakeholder with the principle of unlimited satisfaction and quality service.
  • To contribute to the development of mankind by producing innovative and quality products.


  • To contribute to the economy of our country, which has developed in every way, together with all our employees.
  • To be among the leading companies in the machinery sector, which constitutes the most important production and export item of our country, to get high quality Turkish Machines proudly run all over the world.

Key to success is, Effort, Patience and Labor!

Başaranlar Makina
İth. İhr. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti
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